SAP Ratings for Home Owners in the UK

When you buy a car an obvious question is how many miles does it travel to the gallon? An energy rating provides a similar yardstick for comparing the energy consumption of different homes.

The SAP - Standard Assessment Procedure - is the Government's standard for home energy rating. It is a simple, but reliable indicator of whether energy is being used efficiently to heat space and hot water. It is measured on a scale of 1 to 120, the higher the score the less energy, and money, is being wasted, and the warmer and more comfortable you will be.

Most homes waste energy. Many 20-50 year old homes only score SAP ratings of between 20 and 40. Older properties may score even less! The average for the whole of the United Kingdom is only around 45. New homes generally score better, usually between 60 and 100, with exceptionally well insulated homes scoring ratings above 100.

All new homes built in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland now have to be SAP energy rated to comply with the respective Building Regulations. It is also being considered that SAP energy ratings will be required for all existing homes when they are sold or rented.

If you would like a detailed survey of your home in accordance with the Government's Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) just contact us by snail mail, E-mail, phone or fax. We can then arrange to energy rate your home, calculate your SAP rating and provide details of improvement options. The report will also indicate the benefits in reduced running costs and carbon dioxide emissions and the potential improvement in the rating. Typically the fee will be between £50 and £85 depending on the size of your home.

This service is provided to private home owners, local authorities, housing associations, private landlords, builders, developers, architects, surveyors and estate agents for both existing and new housing (Also see National Services).

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