Green Heat Ltd.

Winners in 2009 and 2001

by H & V News

2009 Winners

2001 Winners

Described as "very different and very good", the company's submission stood out due to the adoption of an 'advanced approach' to its business.

Peter Thom 'Managing Director' award presented by 'Jasper Carrot'

The profitable use of the Internet and IT systems particularly impressed the judges, as did its strong focus on customer care. An outstanding level of environmental awareness was also demonstrated with 90 percent of installations utilising a condensing boiler, while a free SAP home energy rating was provided on all projects.

Peter Thom 'Managing Director' award presented by 'Jasper Carrot'
The thorough approach to the management of the company and the comprehensive way it covered its sector was also considered as excellent.

An extensive selection of customer testimonials and good use of local publications for marketing purposes further demonstrated the all-round quality of this company. 

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