Green Deal News

Green Deal News

28 January 2013 sees the long awaited launch of the Green Deal which has been introduced by the Greenest Government ever as their flagship Energy Saving Programme.

We have been working on this for a long time and attained accreditation as Green Deal Advisors and Green Deal Installers. In addition to this Green Heat’s Managing Director Peter Thom has been invited to sit on the Governments Green Deal Assessor Forum and the Green Deal Installer Forum.

There is a lot of information being rolled out in the media and people will want to know “What the Green Deal is all about”. It is very complex and will appear confusing.

The government has also made a total of £125 million for cash-backs for “go-early” householders who use the Green Deal to make improvements such as loft insulation (£100), solid wall insulation (£650), replacement boilers (£270 for gas) and heating controls (£70).

Packages could be worth over £1,000 with hundreds of thousands of people likely to qualify.

The Green Deal is a “Pay as you Save” scheme with payments for improvements being made from future energy savings created by the approved improvements. Interest rates will be 6.9%

The first step is a Green Deal Assessment by an accredited Green Deal Advisor who will assess your property and agree a Green Deal Plan. The Plan needs to be agreed with a Green Deal Provider to register for the Cash-back. Quotations for work needs to be obtained from accredited Green Deal Installers, finance for the work can be from any source including a Green Deal loan. The Green Deal loan will be paid for on the electricity bill for the duration of the agreement so will stay with the property if the occupant moves.

For further details or to arrange a survey contact Green Heat Ltd, Helping the Environment for 23 years

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For further information on the Green Deal, Green Energy Assessments, Energy Efficient Heating and Hot Water Systems and Independent and Impartial advice on improving the energy efficiency of your property please contact Peter Thom at local award winning:-
Green Heat Ltd Tel: 01223 277278
Email using the contact form.
April 2012

List of possible measures to be included in the Green Deal

    Air source heat pumps
    Biomass boilers
    Biomass room heater (with radiators)
    Cavity wall insulation
    Cylinder thermostats
    Draught proofing
    Energy efficient glazing
    External wall insulation
    Fan-assisted replacement storage heaters
    Flue gas heat recovery devices
    Ground source heat pumps
    Heating controls (for wet central heating system and warm air system)
    High efficiency gas-fired condensing boilers
    High efficiency replacement warm-air units
    High thermal performance external doors
    Hot water cylinder insulation
    Internal wall insulation
    Lighting systems, fittings and controls
    Loft or rafter insulation and loft hatch insulation
    Mechanical ventilation with heat recovery
    Micro combined heat and power
    Micro wind generation
    Oil-fired condensing boilers
    Roof insulation
    Room in roof insulation
    Solar water heating
    Under-floor heating
    Under-floor insulation
    Waste water heat recovery devices attached to showers

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