Green Heat Ltd.

Awarded "Business of the Year 2000"

by the Federation of Small Businesses

Peter Thom, Managing Director of Cambridge based Energy Efficiency Company, Green Heat Ltd. was highly delighted to receive the Business of the Year Award for Best Trade from the Federation of Small Businesses. Green Heat are heating engineers who care about the environment, your comfort and your heating bills and are celebrating 12 years of helping the environment and helping home-owners save lots of money on their energy bills.

The award was made because of the significant efforts made by the company to raise the awareness of environmental issues and provide practical and cost effective solutions for home-owners to reduce their fuel bills by installing high efficiency condensing boilers and better heating controls.

Heating and hot water account for over half the cost of the average fuel bill so it makes sense to ensure that the most efficient heating controls are installed. Good controls linked to a super efficient condensing boiler can reduce fuel bills by up to 40% and are one of the biggest savings you can make. In addition to the substantial savings to be made off the fuel bill there is also a tremendous benefit to the Environment.

The Government is committed to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 20% by the year 2010 and this can only be achieved if high efficiency condensing boilers are installed to replace low efficiency older boilers. This message was emphasised by the Prime Minister yesterday when he announced that he wants "to push green issues back up the political agenda, reawaken the challenge with a constructive partnership - government, business, the green movement and the public". We could not agree more and Green Heat has been leading the way for the past decade.

Now is the best time to upgrade an inefficient heating system before winter sets in when older boilers are more likely to fail. For expert and professional unbiased advice on high efficiency boilers and good heating controls

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