Energy Efficiency

Are you paying too much to keep warm and comfortable?

Research indicates that there is too much information and sometimes misinformation on what can be done to improve the energy efficiency of our homes. This is causing a lack of decision making due to people being confused by the various options and not knowing or even trusting the information that is being provided or understanding the payback and benefits or indeed the technologies. The result is that the UK has some of the most inefficient housing in Europe and people are wasting energy and paying much higher fuel bills than necessary – a situation that must change for the benefit of us all and local award winning and trusted Green Heat can help you with the right improvements & investment solutions for your home.

Peter Thom of Girton based Green Heat has developed the use of the Green Home Energy Audit for the home for the past 20 years to provide a measure and advice in an impartial way of what can be done, the benefits and the cost and payback, tailored to the individual property. With energy prices continuing to rise and predicted to double within the next few years it is becoming more important for people to take action and make these decisions sooner rather than later to reduce energy consumption and minimise these escalating fuel bills.

Green Heat have won many awards for their work including Domestic Heating Installer of the Year 2 times for helping home owners with cost effective solutions to provide efficient and well controlled heating and hot water systems. This has not only helped people to save many thousands of pounds on fuel bills but also helped save over 500,000 Tonnes of carbon dioxide. Green Heat are also accredited to provide impartial advice and are registered with Trading Standards – Buy with Confidence scheme and can be trusted to provide expert impartial advice, professional installation and compliance with Building Regulations.

After ensuring that your home is well insulated the next best thing to do is to install an “A” rated condensing boiler. With 84% of energy in the home being used for heating and hot water it makes sense to provide this in the most efficient way. Older “G” rated boilers are less than 55% efficient so installing a 90% efficient boiler will reduce your fuel bill by a third and even more with better heating controls. In addition to being Gas-Safe registered Green Heat are also approved installers for all the leading boiler manufacturers including Worcester Bosch who regularly receive the “Best Buy” accolade from “Which” and are currently offering a 7 year warranty on some of their boilers which need to be installed before the end of 2012. Phone now for a free competitive quotation with our pledge to be cheaper than British Gas.

There are also other technologies to be considered such as flue gas heat recovery, waste water heat recovery, solar thermal, heat pumps and solar PV. Green Heat can help you decide which of these are appropriate and cost effective for your home. The Feed In Tariff for PV is still very good but will reduce again in July an early decision to install this technology would be prudent.

Now is the time to find out what you can do and start planning for the future – there is no benefit in delaying. For further information and tailored advice for your home contact Peter Thom at Green Heat on 01223 277278 or email us using the contact form.

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